Bankruptcy may sound like a bad word, but for many people it can ultimately make a positive difference in their lives. Like debt resolution, it involves working with an attorney and taking on a legal process that proves that your financial situation cannot allow you to repay all of your debt. There are two types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7, which involves a very quick elimination of debts, and Chapter 13 which pays down debt over the course of five years or less. When you file for bankruptcy, creditors cannot continue the collection process, which can provide additional relief if you are inundated with calls and letters.

Bankruptcy may work for you if you have significant debts and your income does not prevent you from feasibly paying them down. US Debt Relief has relationships with reputable bankruptcy attorneys who have experience working on behalf of individuals who need immediate relief from serious debt circumstances.


  • Limited to no contact from creditors after filing
  • Allows a fresh start and substantial relief from extreme debt
  • You make a set plan to repay some or all debt owed


  • Most aggressive form of debt relief
  • Results in poor credit for up to 10 years
  • May sometimes reflect poorly on an employment background check
  • Legal process means your private financial information becomes public