Debt consolidation simply means paying off your credit card balances with a single loan. This loan will ideally have a lower interest rate and will not have a revolving interest structure like a credit card does. However, you will need to have equity available to secure the loan, which presents a risk if you fail to pay. If you’re interested in consolidating, US Debt Relief can work with you to find a financial institution whose loan products best suit your situation.

Your debt consolidation can lower your monthly payment, but that’s because it will normally increase the amount of time you would pay it off. But if you’re already buried in credit card debt, this gives you a clear picture of when you will complete payments on the loan. Plus, if your financial circumstances change, you have the ability to pay it off faster by making larger payments to the principal balance.


  • Lowers overall interest rate
  • Reduces monthly payment
  • All debt on a single bill
  • Control over paying off debt faster by making more than minimum payments


  • Debt goes from unsecured to secured debt
  • Equity needed to obtain a personal loan
  • Now loan has a closing process and costs